If you would like to write a testimonial you can email us at contact@kinergy.org.uk for more details. Our clients are asked if they would like to give feedback of their experience and if they choose to, their information will be anonymous.

"Coming to Kinergy has been empowering, I was able to really make the sessions my own, my counsellor gave me the space I needed to explore my mind, emotions, relationships and history. She was able to contribute to me, in a very gentle way, that worked really well for me. I felt respected, believed, and guided into finding a place of self worth, where before I had experienced a loss of it. I feel a lot more grown up, safer, in my adult world, so many of the younger parts of me that had been stuck in trauma for most of my life, have been able to come home, Thank you so much".

"The journey I took with Kinergy was deeply profound. I learnt a huge amount about myself and was provided more tools to help me in the future. If anyone has any doubts above finding someone speak to, they shouldn't because it'll be the most rewarding self healing you can do." 

"The effects of sexual abuse for me were profound and deeply embedded. Counselling at Kinergy helped me to find my voice and discover my inner self enabling me to work on healing the damage that the abuse created. The important thing for me was that at Kinergy my very patient, sensitive and non judgemental counsellor worked with the deepest parts of me at my own pace. I felt properly heard for the first time and felt safe in Kinergy’s caring hands.

Kinergy has helped me to become the person I am today. The grief, anger and sadness have diminished and I am happy and content. Kinergy is a place where healing happens and lives are transformed."

Address details:


Mary Carpenter House

Kingswood Foundation Estate



BS 15 8DB


Please use BS15 8BN when using a SAT NAV

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0117 908 7712





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