Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous reporting is the process of passing information to the police about a crime without giving them your information and without officially reporting the incident.


If you decide to anonymous report it is passed onto the police in the right area and then this can be potential used to highlight a perpetrator to the police. This may also help current cases the police are investigating. If you are reporting anonymously it does not mean the person will be arrested unless a formal report is processed and this person has access to children or vulnerable individuals. Here is a link for an online form :


Can Kinergy make an anonymous report on your behalf ?


Yes counsellors and staff at Kinergy are able to make reports on your behalf. When Kinergy submits a report on a clients behalf Police may contact Kinergy as they might ask for additional information and we can contact you. We would not share additional information with the police .


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Please use BS15 8BN when using a SAT NAV

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