Therapeutic Groups for Men

Groups :

We offer a 20-week group for men who have:

  • had previous counselling

  • have an awareness of the impact of sexual abuse and rape on their lives

  • are looking for additional support to help them in their process of recovery


Groups are facilitated by experienced counsellors who will provide a safe framework within which participants can create their own continuous healing.

There are usually between six and eight men in a group which will run for twenty weekly sessions of an hour and a half each session.


Feedback from people who have been in groups is that:

  • it reduces feeling of isolation and self blame

  • working with others who have shared experiences helps them to feel ‘normal’

  • it offers the opportunity to both gain and give support and encouragement to each other.


Anonymous words/thoughts from a client that attended a mens group at Kinergy.

Mens Group?


Do I join the men’s Group or not?

Will I like the people there?

Do I really want to tell complete strangers about my past?

What will I gain from the Group?


These are some of the questions I asked myself before joining the Kinergy Men’s Group.

What the experience did for me was to wake me up from the blame and shame I put myself through for so many years.

It gave me a place to leave the huge weights I had been carrying around with me so unnecessarily.

It helped me to see how I had been wrongly programmed at a young age and how to re-connect with the child I once was.

But if you stick with it you may find the answers you are looking for. Also the added bonus of the reward of helping others there too is a good feeling in itself.




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0117 908 7712




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